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Who is Clay Matthews’s girlfriend


Find out who Clay Matthews is


The reason why the identity of Clay Matthews girlfriend is very interesting for a lot of people resides in the fact that Clay himself is rather famous especially in the United States. Although he is known under the name of Clay Matthews, his complete name is actually William Clay Matthews III, his father being a famous American football player as well.

His female fans usually take an interest in Clay Matthews girlfriend because they have seen him playing for the Green Bay Packers and they liked his cool appearance, having his blonde hair long and usually pinned in a ponytail.


Clay Matthews’s girlfriend Clay Matthews shirtless Clay Matthews warrior


His athletic look which is characteristic for someone who is playing American football also represents one of the reasons why women want to find out who is Clay Matthews girlfriend and if he has one. Having a succesful career at Green Bay Packers, that is right on its peak right now, it’s only natural that Clay Matthews girlfriend is a popular subject among sport stories at the moment.



The romantic life of Clay Matthews


If you are curious about who Clay Matthews girlfriend you should know that he managed to kept his love life rather private compared to other athletes. He hasn’t been involved in any major love scandals except for one time when he allegedly stated that a girl who has dated at one point was the reason why he didn’t give his all in the game and Green Bay Packers lost.

That girl was considered Clay Matthews girlfriend at the time but apparently she was just a fan who recorded a video of herself blaming Matthews for various reasons and in a short while, that video became viral on the Internet. Having that on his mind, Matthews didn’t perform at his highest capacity and he even blamed that girl on this Twitter account.

However, this still doesn’t answer the big question: who is Clay Matthews girlfriend? It’s very hard to know more about her identity considering how private Clay likes to be. He always managed to trick paparazzi who wrote false things about Clay Matthews girlfriend.


Is Lindsey Vonn Clay Matthews girlfriend?


In the recent time, the mystery regarding Clay Matthews girlfriend started to become clearer as a name appeared in the media: Lindsey Vonn. She is actually an athlete herself, being a great ski racer who plays  for the U.S. Ski Team. This is actually something predictable, considering the fact that Lindsey understands everything about the sports life.

The reason why she is considered Clay Matthews girlfriend is because she appeared together with the Clay at the Red Bull Sweet 16 event. According to a person who was there too, Clay and Lindsey were very affectionate towards each other. They actually made out a few times.


Clay Matthews’s girlfriend


Whether Lindsey is Clay Matthews girlfriend or not, only time will tell. So if they will be seen together again, it means that their relationship evolved and they are closer to each other. It would actually be a great thing if she was Clay Matthews girlfriend because they have similar lifestyles and it will be easier for her to understand him.


How should Clay Matthews girlfriend be


We don’t know if Lindsey is actually Clay Matthews girlfriend yet, but you probably have your own opinion regarding this association. While some of you might be glad that they are together, others might not feel like it would be a good idea considering that they both would be gone for a long time. Therefore, it’s a matter of discussion regarding the fact that Clay Matthews girlfriend should be into sports as well or not.

Clay Matthews’s


On the other hand, if Clay Matthews girlfriend would be an athlete too she would comprehend the fact that he can’t be around as much as she wanted to. This is why there are both advantages and disadvantages regarding a relationship with Clay no matter how you see it. The truth of the matter is that the girlfriend of Clay is going to be someone who understands him the most and makes him happy and that person might just be Lindsey Vonn after all.